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KCS strives to be a modern and integrated express company.

Doubling the volume of business, Building a domestic brand KCS and being a leader of the industry

Credible is the basic
KCS has serviced abundant couples of customers and our service based on the business philosophy “Honest and Credible”. We trust each other, customers trust us as we do. We respect each other, there is no discrimination.

Innovation is encouraged
With the competitive and changing external environment, KCS follows the spirit of innovation and enterprising, More and more different lines are built in order to open up China to countries all over the world, providing personalized and security service and striving for perfection. In KCS, everyone is encouraged to reveal their viewpoint explicitly, which is used to find the best way to solve problem for customers and promoting the development of company.

Excellence in quality
We strive for the highest delivery quality, as we want to be the first choice for our customers. Constantly, all the solutions also require dedicated and personal support all day, at every location, we change the structure and operation of the transit, All you need to do is that you prepare the goods and delivery information, the door-to-door service is arranged in 2 hours.

Enhance value
In KCS, we support ambitious talents looking to start their careers with us through our different careers programs that provide the skills of operation and knowledge necessary to ensure you success in our KCS environment , this includes training opportunities in various expert and operational skills, leadership and management techniques.

Customer commitment
We follow the principle of “customer, communication, cost, convenient”, Generating greater value for kcs customers is the constant driving force which powers our company’s sustained growth.

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